Sherlock Holmes

2010.03.20 05:18

Watery cobblestone logos and longitudinal linotype layer, lace and lash Prologue Films’ opening and end credit work for Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes.”

The sequence creative director Danny Yount, a self-taught Emmy-winning designer/director produced main titles for Six Feet Under and The Grid while at Digital Kitchen. He currently resides at Prologue Films and has created titles for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man and RockNRolla.

USA | 2009 | Color | 1.85:1 | English

Design Company: Prologue Films
Creative Director: Danny Yount
Design Direction: Simon Clowes, Henry Hobson, Lisa Bolan
Illustration: Jorge Almeida, Chris Sanchez
Calligraphy: Bonnie Ebbs
VFX: Jose Ortiz, Todd Sheridan Perry
Animation: Joey Park, Alasdair Wilson
Compositing: Brett Reyenger, Miles Lauridsen
Editorial: Gabriel Diaz
Producer: Unjoo Byars
Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper
Coordinator: David Kennedy

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